Safe Following Distance

The simplest way to protect yourself from an avoidable collision is to leave a suitable space between you and the car in front. Rear end collisions account for over 35% of all accidents in the metropolitan area, and are particularly likely in built up traffic. Although we might like to think that our reflexes are tip top, unfortunately we can't overcome simple physics, and the truth is that cars take time to stop. If you allow a significant space between you and the car in front, you will allow yourself time to react to an unexpected stop ahead, as well as being able to brake more gradually which will, in turn will reduce the the likelyhood of the car following you to be caught completely by surprise and crashing into you! A larger space between cars also allows you to see further ahead as the car in front doesn't block your view as much, allowing you time to see a parked car or bus e.t.c that may be blocking the lane ahead, and giving you time to make a safe lane change. So how much space? a recommended space is 3 seconds, whatever speed you are doing, if you allow 3 seconds then it will allow enough time and space to react. Whatch the car in front of you as it goes over a shadow or line and count three full seconds (I.E 1 banana...2 banana 3 Banana...)and you should pass over the same spot after the third second. Give it a go, you may find it a bit more relaxing when driving in heavy traffic!